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Name: Aimee Fleeman E-mail Address: AFleeman84@yahoo.com
Question: I am having a hard time researching articles about the common definitions of "at risk" students and possible interventions that work. I am unsure how to properly type in my keywords. Each time I enter the words at risk, define, students, and interventions I am getting way too many articles and none that really address what I am looking for. Can you help? Thanks.
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Hello Aimee

I am curious as to whether you are using EDS, our catalog that searches across all the library resources or just the databases. If you are using EDS then I would say that you go only to the Ebscohost databases and limit your search only to search one database: Education Research Complete. If you limit to only that database, you will only be searching across education articles and nothing else. Then, from what you sent me in terms of  your terminology you are using to search, I would say that you might want to look for more specific search terms. Think of synonyms for the terms you are using. Also of you can, I would add a third term when searching; and I would go to the limiters below the search box and limit your search to only full-text and scholarly articles by checking those boxes. You might limit your search more by adding e.g. high school students or elementary school students.

I did a search in Ebscohost using only Education Research Complete, and limiting it to full-text and scholarly articles. When I did my first search using the terms    intervention  AND at-risk students; I got 1,186 articles. When I re-did the search with the terms   intervention AND at-risk students AND high school  I limited it to 390 articles. When I re-did the search with the terms intervention AND at-risk AND elementary school I got 275 articles.  The third term you choose does not have to be my terms used, you can enter a grade if you thought that would bring your search numbers of articles down. Then after that you will have to read each abstract and decide which articles will work for your paper. You are welcome to replicate my searches or if you still are having a hard time with it give me a call at the number below or you are welcome to come and chat with me on Virtual Librarian.

Gloria Creed-Dikeogu



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