What is LibAnswers?

LibAnswers is the Ottawa University's database that archives library-related questions asked by students and faculty that have been answered by our reference librarians. Students and faculty can email and text their questions to the library reference desk at the Main Campus and we will attempt to answer them within 24-48 hours. Questions saved in our database that were asked via LibAnswers are organized by Topic and you can browse them on our LibAnswers page.

What is LibChat?

See the Welcome to LibChat! widget right next to this box. All you have to do is enter your name in the Chat box below our welcome sign and click on start chat. The Start chat box will not show up if a librarian is not available to chat with you. If the chat box is unavailable then you can contact the library desk via text or email and you will receive a response to your question within 24-48 hours. If you need immediate assistance, please go to the Myers Library Online page and call the library front desk or if you need technical assistance contact the IT 24/7 line.

What are LibGuides?

The Ottawa University LibGuides can be located at http://ottawa.libguides.com

The Ottawa University LibGuides are a set of research guides that help with finding databases, full-text articles, books and ebooks and web resources in various subject areas. LibGuides are also available to help you craft that research paper or to help you muddle through using APA and MLA as well as other styles of writing.


Contact a Librarian

Please contact our librarians via email at library @ottawa.edu Or call our librarians directly Gloria 785-248-2536 Jan 785-248-2535

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